EODiwear® - Stealth (Ballistic Eyewear)

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Stealth performance eyewear from EOD combines ballistic protection with comfort and style. They feature an interchangeable lens system that allows wearers to adapt them for any scenario.

Independently tested and certified to NATO ballistic resistance standard STANAG 2920 and exceeding European, US and international military eyewear impact standards. EOD Stealth eyewear are designed to be worn in high-threat operational environments where there is a risk of objects being thrown or propelled at the face. They are also ideal for training environments such as shooting ranges or simulation exercises.

Applications include explosive ordnance disposal and IED environments, counter terrorism, special operations, firearms training, rapid-entry team operations, public order environments and general duty use.

Head Strap and RX Frame are included in the price.

EOD Stealth: ballistic resistance

EOD Stealth performance eyewear has been independently certified to the NATO STANAG 2920 standard.

EOD Stealth: maximum protection

EOD Stealth lenses have been subjected to a V50 Fragment Simulating Projectile test to speeds of 936 kph
260 metres per second /581 miles per hour/853 feet per second

EOD Stealth: a mark of quality

Every frame is marked with STANAG 2920 and each performance lens features the EOD® brand logo, a mark synonymous with quality and ballistic resistance.


  • Tough, impact-resistant TR90 RX frame
  • Lightweight, highly flexible, heat and chemical resistant
  • Matt black finish
  • Soft rubber arm-end inserts provide maximum comfort and grip under extreme conditions
  • Black rubber nose pieces
  • Vented and padded brow
  • EOD® logo inset on each arm


  • Three UV 400 interchangeable lenses: solar, amber and clear
  • Anti-fog coating
  • 2.5mm shatter-resistant polycarbonate with impact- and scratch-resistant hard coat
  • Category 3, grey smoke tint with flash mirror coating*
  • EOD® logo on each lens

* Solar lens


Product label and information tag with compliance standards statement.


  • EOD® branded protective presentation case with separate lens storage compartments
  • Flame-resistant head strap
  • RX frame insert for prescription lenses**

**Does not include the prescription lenses. Your prescription lenses should be fitted into the Optical RX gasket by your optometrist.


  • Ballistic resistance to NATO STANAG 2920
  • Exceeds US ANSI Z87.1 - 2010 High Mass Impact Standard
  • CE certified in accordance with the European EN 166 standard
  • Exceeds European EN 170 standard for UV radiation*
  • Exceeds European EN 172 and EN 1836 standards for solar radiation**

*Clear and amber lenses
**Solar lens


One-year EOD® warranty from date of purchase against faulty materials and workmanship; warranty excludes scratching of the lens. Please confirm that this eyewear conforms to the requirements of your role prior to use.

  • Clear lens: maximum light transmittance indoors or at night.
  • Solar lens: reduces extreme glare in bright conditions.
  • Amber lens: provides high-definition viewing in low-light, cloudy or hazy conditions.


  • 142mm across temples
  • 110mm to arm ends from hinge
  • 45mm maximum lens height

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