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Being former Royal Navy Mine Clearance Divers ourselves we both know what we would want to see in our homes and offices and only produce and stock quality items which meet our standards, we have been doing this for over 20 years.
Please send us an email to sales@diversgifts.com if you have a particular request for a gift as we are continuously sourcing and producing additional items. We are very proud to be sponsoring and supporting the Military Diver Memorial® Project. You can learn more about this long overdue memorial to ALL Military Divers at The National Memorial Arboretum by clicking HERE
Kind Regards
Paul Guiver and Tony Sexton
Business Partners
Divers Gifts and Collectables

The MkV 'Jake' Monument

 The MkV 'Jake' Monument at The Naval Diving and Salvage Training Centre in Panama City Beach Florida was produced and delivered by Divers Gifts and Collectables in October 2012.  

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