Royal Navy Clearance Divers

The Royal Navy's elite Clearance Diving branch is made up of a number of diving teams and clearance diving elements.

Clearance Divers (CD's), serve onboard Mine Hunters as part of the ships weapons system and ashore in Diving teams or units in the UK and further afield.

CD's have been involved in every major British conflict since their inception and have most recently deployed teams to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. They have units operating permanently in the Middle East and have continuously provided an Underwater Force Protection (UWFP) element since the United States 9/11 attacks.

The training to become a Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diver is notoriously extremely arduous and lasts around 7 months. The course has been known to have a 100% failure rate in the past, though usually, around 40% of trainees will make it successfully through to the end.

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