GMD-30 Commercial Diver with Bride

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Kirby Morgan® Superlite® Commercial Diver with bride.

The dress of the bride has been shotblasted to give it a frosted appearance; a very time consuming process that we do by hand.

Please note that unless otherwise requested, the brides left arm will be placed on the diver's right should as seen in the main image.  The bride's hair will also be down to shoulder length (again as per main image) unless requested to be tied up in a bun.

You have your choice of a slate plinth or wood plinth.  If you are using this as a cake topper we recommend the slate plinth due to weight issues.

These models are extremely popular as a wedding gift or as the wedding cake topper! Each model is individually handmade in the UK with 100% lead-free silicate glass and therefore will vary slightly to those seen in the photographs.

Please read our Handmade Glass Information link HERE before you purchase.

Height: 140mm (5.5 inches) plus plinth.

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