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A Glass Plaque Souvenir of the Minewarfare & Diving Monument

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The somewhat subdued unveiling ceremony of the Mine Warfare & Diving Monument took place on 17 March 2020 in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth some 3 days early than had previously been planned and in front of a significantly reduced crowd than planned of less than 12. Nevertheless, the occasion prompted the commissioning of a special glass souvenir plaque. Each beautifully designed and executed plaque celebrates the culmination of 13 years work to raise the necessary funding and then to manage and implement the design of the Monument even if the reception afterwards was thwarted by the Covid 19 pandemic. Don’t worry, we are having it when it’s safe to do so, probably during the warm months of 2022.

The man whose first came up with the idea of a monument in the first place is former Chief Petty Officer (Diver) Les Sharpe who in 1989 uttered the words ‘Someone should raise a monument to all the good work that has gone on here’ and here we are more than 30 years on and there it is for all to see.

Here is an opportunity to own a unique souvenir with your name or that of a loved one UV printed onto a glass plaque showing a facsimile of the Mine Warfare & Diving Monument as shown in the photograph. Unless specified otherwise, the date shown at the bottom of the plaque will be 17 March 2020, the actual date when the Monument was installed and unveiled.

Orders should include the name of the individual and/or any additional text to be placed on the plaque over the top of the monument design using the Text box for details , examples on two lines might be CPO(MW) Brian ‘Bill’ Hayley Unsung hero of the AMSSMk1 or WO(D) Graham Trotter DSM, FCDT 3 San Carlos ’82 , or perhaps Cpl Geraldine McQueen R.E. ‘the forces sweetheart’. Your text is limited to two lines only of about 26 letters and spaces on each of the two lines. Each line will be centre justified automatically and what you type will be what you will get so please be aware of the limitations of space. Of course this part can remain blank if preferred.

There are two versions, the larger size, that would be suitable as a table ornament, weighing in at just over 2 Kg, has dimensions of 20 x 20 x 2 (cms). The smaller size has dimensions of 8 x 8 x 1.5 (cms) and weighs just short of 300 grams.
Either would be an appropriate gift for someone leaving the team, for example.

These items are produced to order so delivery times will be delayed whilst customisation is completed.

As with all items on this page, a substantial contribution is being made to the Vernon Monument Project charity for each item sold. 

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