15B - Siebe Gorman/Heinke Sand Shoes/Boots

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Siebe Gorman/Heinke & Co Ltd, London - Diver’s Sand Shoes/Boots

A mis-matched pair of brass sand shoes, the ridged cast brass soles signed as per title. Heavy constructed with riveted leather uppers and three straps with buckles, 32cm long.

Please see images for lettering/markings on individual soles.

All Buckles, Brass Toed/Sole are fully intact. These used boots have a lovely patination.

The company Heinke & Co Ltd were bought out by Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd in 1961.


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G.F. Heinke started business in England in 1820, and in 1905, became C.E. Heinke & Co. Ltd. They were a major factor in the diving industry where they continued to operate very successfully, winning many accolades over a number of years for their equipment. Many of the company records were destroyed during the blitz in WW II. In 1961/62, they were taken over by Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd. The new company continued to use the Siebe Heinke name until 1967/68 when Heinke was dropped from the trade name.


Augustus Siebe the German-born founder of the firm which bears his name (1788-1872) is considered "the father of diving". Siebe's 'closed' diving helmet, first produced in 1840, allowed divers to dive safely to greater depths than ever before. Attached to a rubber suit, it became the 'Standard Dress' that revolutionised diving and made the underwater worker an essential part of both salvage operations and civil engineering. Many of the great building projects of the Victorian era including bridges, tunnels and lighthouses are still in use today and could not have been built without divers.

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