06 - US 'Morse' MkV Diving Helmet

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US MkV Diving Helmet (Morse)

#943 (Breast Plate Tag)

Breastplate (1945) with a very old Commercial 'Bullet top' Bonnet (approx 1905)

This helmet is quite unique in that it has had the 'Banana valve' repositioned and has a BTE Exhaust Wheel

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In the arena of deep sea diving, there are few companies with the longevity and history of Morse Diving. The company was founded in 1837 as a Boston maker of brass ware, three years before Englishman Augustus Siebe manufactured its first closed air dive helmet. During the Civil War, the firm commenced building maritime fittings and began experimenting with early underwater hard hat designs from Siebe-Gorman and other pioneering makers. In 1864, Andrew Morse bought out his partner, introduced his sons into the business, and began to focus on creating new products for underwater salvage expeditions. In 1904, that firm became A. J. Morse and Sons, Inc., under which name it continued until 1940. Then the name Morse was reincorporated as Morse Diving Equipment Company, Inc.

In 1998, the company changed owners, and became Morse Diving Inc. under the leadership of Ken & Donna Downing where it continued to serve the needs of the Diving Community until 2015 when Morse operations were terminated and much of its assets were transferred to DESCO Corp. of Milwaukee WI.

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