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18 - Siebe Gorman 12 Bolt (Ex-Finnish Navy)

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British Siebe Gorman 12-Bolt Helmet (Ex-Finnish navy)

Fitted with 'Heinke' side windows and a different Comms connector on rear, this tinned helmet is quite a rare 'Siebe Gorman' variation made for Finland before the WWII. It is a very collectable piece!

Dated around the 1930-40.

It has matching numbers (#10522) and is a rarity for this style.

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Due to the initial war with Russia (and later the German alliance) Finland could no longer obtain the Siebe Gorman diving equipment from England. So they were forced to produce their own helmets. G.W. Sohlberg, a metal company founded in 1876 by Gabriel Wilhelm Sohlberg in the Ullaninna district, took over the manufacturing of Diving helmets for Finland.

The 'Raumalainen' helmets looked very similar to the Siebe Gorman 12-Bolt they had purchased previously (for sale here), but they were without the maker's plate and the quality was not quite the same.

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